Nature Republic Soothing & Moisture Aloe Vera 80% Emulsion Review

I got this product several months ago from Althea Korea because of the sale price. I am not really familiar on what emulsions are before, but I bought it anyway. So for starters with Korean skincare, emulsion is light moisturizer or a face lotion. They are usually water-based and does not clog pores. It is usually used after toners.

According to the label:
The emulsion formulated with 80% fresh aloe vera effectively soothes and moisturizes the skin.


The face lotion comes in a green plastic bottle. It contains 160ml of product which I find great.

The bottle design is the worst container I have seen in Korean products. There is no pump for dispensing the product. You have to squeeze the (very thick and hard) bottle to get the product off of it. You know how you shake and pump catsup bottles? That is the best description on how annoying the packaging is!

The scent is light aloe vera and it fades away fast. The emulsion comes out as watery-cream and is easily absorbed by the skin. There is also a light cooling effect upon application. I like that it is light and the formula is thin. I dislike thick moisturizers btw.

My thoughts?

To be honest, I am reviewing this only now because it didn’t make an impact on me when I first tried it. I have it standing on my skincare stash untouched for months. Here are some points why:

1) Yes, it is light but I noticed that it makes my face oilier compared when I use my other moisturizers.I wonder why it does that.

2) After the cooling effect fades away, I feel like my face isn’t moisturized enough.

3) My face became itchy after a few hours.

These are my opinions based on my experience on using the product. It may/may not be the same for you.

Overall, I had high hopes for this initially. But after trying it again now, I therefore conclude that this is not for me. 

Price: Php 220.00

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