L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation Review

Full coverage foundations is like a dream to me. I am saving up to buy Marc Jacobs  and Fenty Beautybecause I heard a lot of good reviews about its coverage. For the meantime, I was able to try L’oreal’s Infallible Total Cover Foundation and I will swatch and review it for you.

This line is just recently made available in the Philippines. Mine was purchased  from  an online makeup store that sells products from the US.

According to the website:
Get up to 24 hours of full coverage with a lightweight feel and a natural finish. Infallible Total Cover Foundation blends instantly to cover dark spots, blemishes, scars, and hyperpigmentation for a flawless complexion. The foundation is formulated with high load pigments for full coverage and is enriched with Alliagel. The formula glides on and feels fresh all day. It will create the perfect canvas for flawless makeup application.

The product is housed in a slim, elongated tube and has a small nozzle opening. It also has a faint scent, almost undetectable and goes away in a few seconds.

Upon squeezing it out of the tube, the foundation seems to be very thick. It is more of a mousse cream for me.

It actually blends easily on the skin and dries fast too.

My thoughts?
First of all, I made a huge mistake. The shade I got 305 is one shade lighter than me (that’s what I get from online shopping and depending on shade matching websites). My solution is that I mixed it up with my pro matte foundation.

Anyway, the finish of this foundation is sort of in between matte and dewy. It is natural looking and it blends on your skin well. It also adheres on your skin the whole day.

1. It is best applied using your hands or a wet sponge.
2. A little amount goes a long way. Too much of it may result to caking.

I had high expectations but since I chose the wrong shade and I mixed it up with other foundations, it defeats the purpose of being full coverage right? But with the mixing and everything, I get a medium coverage. So I think it does cover well if used alone.

Overall, I like the Pro Matte better it terms of oil control and formula but this Total Cover foundation is multi purpose. It can also be used to cover tattoos on your body as well. So if you’re up to that, you can definitely try this.

Price: Php700, Hotfindsmanila

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3 thoughts on “L’Oreal Infallible Total Cover Foundation Review

  1. If it’s great for oil control for my oily skin then I will definitely buy aside for it’s great coverage as they claim


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