The Beauty Bakery Charcoal + Clay Scrub Mask Review

I have been getting compliments about how good my skin looks now. It is clearer and less oily- and literally glowing. I cannot believe it myself too! All thanks to a Php199.00 mask from The Beauty Bakery.

I don’t know but for me, this brand deserves an award! Please! Their Witch Hazel Spray is a current hit in BeautyMNL and now I am amazed on the effects of their masks.

According to the brand:
CLAIM TO FAME: A 2-in-1 detoxifying product for a cleaner, clearer face

FAST FACTS: Functions as an exfoliating scrub and purifying mask; thoroughly cleanses by drawing out toxins, excess sebum, and deep-seated dirt; removes pore-clogging bacteria to tighten and refine skin; formulated with charcoal, crushed apricot seeds, and olive seeds; smoothens and mattifies skin for a fresh, glowing look

PERFECT FOR: Oily to combination skin

How to use:
Massage onto damp skin during shower. Rinse with water. Use 3x a week.

The product is packaged in a plastic tub. It contains 100g (OMG).

Aside from Charcoal and Clay, the packaging doesn’t say much about the other ingredients. I tried to look at BeautyMNL but I wasn’t able to find the information as well. I hope they add it soon because there are people like me who likes looking at the stuff used in their products.

As expected, the scrub/mask is black in color. It has a clean scent that I cannot describe. There are also small fine granules of charcoal that will exfoliate your skin.

My thoughts?

I have been using this regularly (3x a week) for the past month and there was really a significant improvement on my skin. My face was less oily. I felt that the serums I used works better after I use this a scrub giving me a nice healthy glow the morning after.

They should have really called it Miracle Scrub, because it is! I was able to see that this product is earning more great reviews everyday, that means it does really work wonders.

Overall, I am obsessed! For the price, it is definitely a must have! I hope they never stop making this and I hope they will create more natural beauty products that are affordable and effective.

Price: Php199, BeautyMNL

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