Skin&Lab Vitamin C Cream Review

I got this product from my Althea X Chica-Y-Chico box. I was only after the Red Serum and Red Cream but I was surprised that the other products in the box are also worth writing a review.

Anyway, I am also attracted to products that claims to have brightening effects to the skin. I do a lot of things everyday and the stress tends to make my skin look dull.

There are other variants in Vitamin Cream line such as A, B, E and K. Today, our focus is the Vitamin C Cream.

According to the website:




The 30 ml cream is housed in a squeeze tube with a screw cap opening. In my opinion, it has a strong scent of orange peel. It can be too much for those who are sensitive with scents, but it is tolerable for me.

The cream is also very light and gets absorbed quickly by the skin.

When do you use this?
I use this mostly at night between serum and heavy cream. It can also be used during the day if you are just staying home and will not expose your skin to the sun.

Can it be combined with other creams?
YES. But make sure to test it first. Vitamin C may sometimes react on different ingredients.

Is it effective?
Brightening? YES! I noticed that my skin is not as dull as before. It actually gives you a nice subtle glow.

Skin tone improvement? Not much. I still have my acne marks. I didn’t notice any lightening whatsoever.

Antioxidant Recovery? Maybe yes, because it goes hand in hand with the brightening effect.

Anti-Aging? I cannot tell. They always tell me I still look like a high school student haha (wink, wink!).

Overall, it’s not my favorite product but I think it works okay. I also want to try the Vitamin B Cream which has sebum control and anti-inflammatory properties.

Price: Php610, Althea Korea

*some photos from Althea Korea

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