Skin&Lab Red Serum Review

I always pass on skin care products that claims to have anti aging properties because I used to think that I still don’t need those yet.

Since I am on my journey now to my late 20s I decided to give Skin&Lab’s Red Serum a shot.

According to the website:





How to use:


The 40ml serum is packaged in a red glass bottle. Though the serum is not really red, it is colorless actually. It also has the dropper cap.

The consistency is very fluid and you can feel that there’s part oil in it. It gets absorbed easily by the skin with no sticky feeling.

My thoughts?

I never actually thought that I will like this product. I expect it to be heavy and thick but it is not. I use it together with the Red cream (which I will review next time) during my night routine.

After a month of usage, my skin looks brighter and smoother. I noticed that I have a very nice glow when I wake up in the morning. It definitely provides more radiance to your skin plus it helps in providing more elasticity.

I am happy that I have tried this because I never thought I needed such product. It’s so good I tend to add more drops during stressful days.

Overall, I recommend this to girls that are in their late 20s and above. It will give you the right amount of nourishment for your aging skin. Definitely a must try!

Price: Php880, Althea Korea

Get additional Php200 off when you purchase from ALTHEA! Get your code here:

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