TIP: Spend your 13th Month Pay Wisely

Holidays also mean bonus if you work in the Philippines. It is the time of the year where our 13th Month Pay is being released.

When I was younger, my full bonus goes to the newest gadgets or trips. It all changed last year when I realized that material things deppreciate their price value over time.

Life Goals/ Financial Goals


Dreaming of getting any of these? Or do you have other things to prioritize like your children’s education, retirement fund or you just want to get higher returns from your hard-earned money?

If you answered YES from any questions above, then you need to start investing as soon as possible.

How to Start?
As a licensed financial advisor of PRU Life UK, I can help you map out your goals and provide you recommendations according to your needs and wants. We can talk this over coffee. No commitment should we set an appointment. Just fill out the form below:


Do I need a lot of money to invest?
No. Your investment plan can be as low as Php100/day. This can be changed/increased depending on your financial goals.


More questions that I usually get
-Is it safe?
-Is the process easy?

YES!!! I know there will be more questions that may come up after reading this, that is why I offer a FREE FINANCIAL CONSULATION appointment. If you are interested, kindly fill out the form below and I will contact you to confirm schedule within 24-48 hours.


So this post is short and simple- no matter what life stage/age you are now, I like you to spend yours to more valuable investments.

See you!

*photos from Google

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