Life Lately: Stranger Things 2, Pru Life UK, All-New Kindle Oasis

Welcome to the fourth post under this blog segment. Life Lately is where I talk about random things that are unrelated to Beauty and Skincare.

Stranger Things 2
Have you spent 9 hours of your life for this show? If not, you are missing a lot. Though I am a 90’s kid, I really like the concept of 80’s and how everything works during the time. I play Dungeons and Dragons and I love all the vintage video games.

Oh well, I just love Dustin! He’s so funny. I also like the concept of the show. It is not the typical annoying sci-fi. I am so much looking forward to a third season next year!!!


Pru Life UK
Last month, I trained and got licensed as a Financial advisor of Pru Life UK. I am a very big believer of insurance and I want my money to be invested as well. Because of this I want to impart my services to all of you there who doesn’t know how and where to start. I want to target the specifically the millenials to be financially stable. But whatever life stage you are, I will be happy to help.


Sign up for a FREE FINANCIAL CONSULTATION through the link below:

All-New Kindle Oasis and other gadgets

The new Kindle, I cannot express how much I want it! I skipped on the previous upgrades since I already have a Kindle Paperwhite since 2013. But this one- ugh! It is waterproof and has Audible!! Plus twice the storage capacity of the old Kindles. I cry for $249.00.


Next is Iphone 8. I currently have a 6s and my postpaid plan allows me to get an upgrade. I am still having second thoughts because of the mixed reviews on the internet. What do you think? Will the upgrade be worth it?

Okay, bye for now.
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