K-Palette Zero Kuma Concealer Review

If there is one product that I kept on repurchasing for years, it would be this hardworking concealer from K-Palette. I have been battling with myself if I still would write an updated, 2017 version of review for months now. So good thing, I decided to give it a go.

According to the packaging:
Covers Effectively- a little goes a long way
Moisturizes- Helps moisturize your delicate eye skin
Beauty Essence- Hyaluronic Acid-A, Water Soluble Collagen and Rose Water

The product comes in three shades. The one suited for my skin tone is CO001 which is Natural Beige.

The concealer tube contains 13g of product. The opening has also a slanted shape for easy and hygienic application.

The texture is in between watery and creamy. There is also a faint scent that fades almost immediately.

My thoughts?
This is one of my favorite concealers of all time. The coverage is indeed opaque! It really covers dark eye circles with such small amount applied. It also does not cake at all.

The shade Neutral Beige is the exact match of my skin tone so I also use it as a concealer on dark spots/ pimple marks.

The consistency of the product makes it very easy to blend. I also like that it has skin care ingredients that will help moisturize your dark eye bags.

1. You can also use this a eye shadow primer.
2. Add a little more product than usual if you want to brighten the under eye area.
3. Squeeze lightly, the packaging may tend to dispense product more that what you actually need.

Overall, I have no words for this product. Definitely still my favorite up tp this date.

Price: Php795.00, Beauty Bar

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