V&M Naturals Healthy Intimates: Feminine Foaming Cleanser

I had second thoughts about reviewing this product. I mean, who would like to read a review of feminine cleanser? But I am loving this product so much that I think it will not hurt to share my thoughts about this.

According to the website:

CLAIM TO FAME: A mild feminine wash powered by plant-based ingredients

FAST FACTS: Infused with chamomile, sugar cane, lemon, orange, apple, and green tea; light foaming formulation leaves you feeling fresh and comfortable; moisturizes, soothes, and rejuvenates delicate skin

PERFECT FOR: Daily use


So the cool part here is the bottle itself, it has a built in foaming pump. You don’t get a concentrated liquid but a foamy lather already! How cool is that?

I also like that this bottle contains 150ml of feminine cleanser. How generous!

There are two variants available, but I got the Fresh one (other one is Flora).

My thoughts?

It has a very subtle scent that I love. It is my first time to use an all-natural feminine wash and I love how delicate it is. In my personal opinion, I feel like it is better than the commercial products we get that claims to balance ph whatsoever.

Overall, I truly recommend all of you to make a switch to this all natural cleanser. You will definitely notice how more gentle it is.

By the way, I also got this during the sale!! No regrets at all.

Price: Php188 (originally Php375), BeautyMNL

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