ONSAEMEEIN Yogurt Peeling Review

When I hear the word “peeling”, I can’t help but associate it with a painful sensation- especially if it is about skin care. I am so happy to say that the modern way of peeling is way gentler and costs you no pain anymore. Peeling creams/gels are widely used today to scrub off dead skin cells that may cause uneven and rough skin.

Today, I will be talking more about ONSAEMEEIN Yogurt Peeling that I got from Althea Korea.



How to use:


The product is packaged in a plastic tub. It comes with a small spatula to help scoop out the peeling gel.

It has a slight citrusy sent. It’s consistency is like a gel.

My thoughts?

I love exfoliating my face. I think makeup application is easier and looks better whenever I do this the night before.

This yogurt peeling is soft to the skin. It is not painful or harsh to your skin even do yuo scrub it. You will also see all the dead skin cells come off with the product.

It leaves my skin very smooth and soft. It also didn’t cause my any breakouts.

Advisable usage is 1-2x a week.

Overall, I love this product. I make sure to use this every week to slough off dead skin cells and make sure my skin is always clean and hydrated.

Price: Php300, Althea Korea

Get additional Php200 off when you purchase from ALTHEA! Get your code here:


*some photos from Althea Korea

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