Milani Make It Dewy Setting Spray Review

I wonder why there’s no one writing a review about this product. I am thinking that everyone is so hyped with the Make It Last version that it has overshadowed this Make It Dewy variant.

Just early this year when I started being curious about setting sprays.I don’t know why, but I don’t feel like it is that important before. It’s like I can go with my routine without setting it. But read this, THAT WAS MY BIGGEST MAKEUP MISTAKE!! There’s a very huge difference to your look when you use setting sprays. Aside from helping your makeup last longer, it only enhances the face base and makes it more natural.

So let’s see why I love Milani’s:

According to the website:
A hydrating and illuminating setting spray.
A cooling and refreshing mist, Make It Dewy Setting Spray Hydrate Illuminate & Set can be used under or over makeup. Made to prime, hydrate and illuminate it also locks in makeup for up to 16 hours without creasing, smudging or fading.

The 60ml product has a spritz plastic bottle packaging. The pump works very good and distributes the right amount of product in just even one spray.

Unlike the description, there is no cooling effect. It has a slight scent that fades immediately.

How to use?
Shake well and hold away from face and spray in a zig zag motion to evenly cover.

My thoughts?
Well, what can I say I super love this. In terms of holding the makeup in place, it is indeed true! I have road tested it and my makeup lasted the whole day without retouching.

In making your makeup dewy, it really does what it says! I was complimented several times on the natural glow it gives to my skin. It is dewy but subtle in a way. I am a morena and it does not give that dirty oily effect like other dewy makeup does.

Overall, I think this product deserves more attention. Please. I haven’t tried the Make It Last but I am sure that one’s great too. I definitely recommend this product to anyone because it is also hydrating!

Price: Php700, Hotfindsmanila

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