Unboxing: Starbucks Planner 2018

I will always be a planner girl no matter what. Last year, as you all know, I started to go deep and be more artsy when it comes to planning. Sadly, I was not able to maintain it because of time and work schedules that had kept me busier.

Anyway, thanks to my Pru Life UK appointments and client meet ups I was able to complete this year’s stickers. To be honest, I was never really a fan of Starbucks planner but this year’s the classiest I’ve ever seen.

As usual, you have to collect a total of 18 stickers (9 regular, 9 from Christmas Beverages). I actually only tried each of the three Holiday Beverages and didn’t like any of them so the rest of the other stickers came from upgrades from the regular menu.

The planner comes in 2 sizes. I got the smaller one. It also comes in two varieties and I picked the one with the tan leather cover.

What’s inside the box?
-Starbucks Planne 2018
-Leather Cover
-Coffee Table Calendar
-Limited Edition Starbucks Card

The leather cover seems okay but is way thinner that I expected it to be.

I love the design of the limited edition Starbucks card. It is also nice that they added a stencil (which I will most likely not to use) and a desk calendar that can stand on its own.

Nothing fancy about the pages of the planner. I just love that it gives more space for writing and is in horizontal weekly view.

Overall, I think it’s kinda worth it. The best part for me is the cover leather that makes it a good staple on your desk and looks formal enough to bring along during client meetings or business trips.

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