Colourette Uno Lipstick Primer Review

I have reviewed the two sets I got from last year and I really intended to do a separate review of their version of lip primer. You may check my review of Boss Babe and BESSSS here.

Lipstick Primer does the same purpose as face primers. It helps the product to adhere more to your skin and make it look better.

The lip primer came with exactly the same packaging as their coloursticks. It smells like candy, for me.

My thoughts?
The lipsticks are not long lasting that is why I think they produced a primer. I am not sure if the formula is still the same up until now but it is so heavy and uncomfortable.

The primer helped a bit in making it stay on my lips. It does not improve the color at all and leaves a very annoying tint. Again, it may not be the same now, they may have changed the formula but I will not take a risk anymore.

The primer is very waxy, almost like a candle. You need to warm it up with your fingers first to make it work. It’s just time consuming for my opinion when it didn’t make any impact on the staying power.

I tried using it together with other lipstick brands and it is not as smooth as Colourpop’s Lippie Primer.

Overall, I am not really impressed with this product. I am curious about their liquid lipsticks but I am worried that I will experience the same.

Price: Php499.00, Zalora

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