My 2018 Goals and Productivity Tips

For me, 2017 was the most productive year I’ve ever had. One thing I did differently last year was setting up goals on a Trello board and combining the traditional and digital way of planning.

For this year, my dear 2018, I am up for bigger goals and challenges.


Fitness: I know I have gained weight and it depresses me most of the time. There are times that clothes shopping has become so frustrating for me. But this year, I am aiming to love myself more for what I have become. I guess we all gain weight at a certain point of our lives and it’s going to be your permanent built.

Of course, I also want to be healthy by avoiding a lot of fastfood cravings. Also, I will try to get back to dancing and running cause I gotta move girl! This body will not sweat on it’s own on the comfort of my fluffy bed.

Career: I am so happy that 2017 gave me a lot of opportunities and I will definitely work better and harder this year.

Self: I am planning to go to makeup school!!! Hopefully by the last quarter, I may be able to make time for this.

Part of my personal goal is to be more sensitive and appreciative of everything good that comes my way. Sometimes, you can be so busy that you overlook precious moments and beautiful people around you.

Productivity: This year, I am aiming to wake up earlier than 9am. I am not a morning person but whenever I do get up early, I feel like I get more productive during the day.

Quick Productivity Tips:

Digital + Traditional Way of Planning your Tasks

-Do list everything you need to do/buy/accomplish Sunday night or early Monday morning. (You can use your Notes app or you can have a paper planner)

-Update your Google Calendar for all work related tasks so you will not miss out anything

-Write your goals by Category in a visual board. (You can do it online (I recommend Trello) or you can design your own and post it on your desk so you’ll see it always.

-If you get overwhelmed with all the things you need to do, relax, take a rest. Once you have taken your time to calm yourself, you will be able to get back on track easily.

Hoping everyone a better and more productive year!!

What are your goals this year? I want to know!

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