Rraw Lotion Bar Review

For a lotion lover gal like me, I am so thrilled to know that Lotion Bars are starting to be a thing now. Since it is in a solid form, it is easier to bring around whenever you travel.

I got to try the Shea Butter + Rose from Rraw Philippines.

I was looking up through their website and I as of this writing, they don’t have a stock of this product. That’s why I am unable to put any ingredients list or product descriptions to this short review.

Anyway, the product looks like a bar of soap from Lush. It is very fragrant and you can really smell the Shea Butter scent in it. I am also unsure on how heavy it weighs because there’s no indication in the packaging.

How to use?
You only need to rub a thin layer over your skin as often as needed. Very convenient right?

My thoughts?

First of all, I love the scent!!! Shea Butter + Rose is a bomb combination. I can sniff through this bar forever.

I also like that it is made from natural ingredients. If you have a sensitive skin or don’t want to use products with harsh chemicals then this one’s for you.

Lastly, in terms of providing moisture, it really does make your skin soft and supple after application. Indeed a very thin layer is needed everytime I apply this, so that means this product will last you for months.

Some cons I have noticed:

-Since it is a bar, tha packaging is just a paper wrap that can easily be torn. So for you to bring it for your travels, you can put it in small storage plastic bag.

-Can be a little sticky upon application.

Overall, I like the concept of this product. If it will beless stickier next time they produce this, then I will hoard.

Price: More or less Php100.00/bar, Rraw PH website

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