“I am a big fan of everything about beauty. I believe in the power of confidence that is enhanced by proper choice and use of cosmetics. I also admire individuality. The uniqueness of each of us makes this industry more exciting and fun.”


My name is Keith and I am a certified beauty junkie. I work as a freelancer for a living.  

During my free time, I enjoy reading books (any genre) and watch movies/ TV shows. I am also obsessed with online shopping.

I consider myself as a self-taught makeup artist. I joined several makeup workshops and watched YouTube makeup tutorials as basis for my learning. I am planning to enroll in a Makeup School to get everything official and probably work my way up to the business.



I initially started a blog way back 2011 by the name of Hauls and Dreams. Due to privacy reasons I have to make a sad decision to take down my blog. I am always passionate about beauty so I guess that never fade from my heart. Late 2015, in my liking to share my latest beauty finds, I created an Instagram account dedicated to beauty and skin care(@makeupkeith). Surprisingly, a lot of other beauty junkies loved my flatlays and daily reviews and thanks to them, I am now back to the blogging game.

Why Makeupkeith? I think the name is catchy and funny. I initially came up to that name for business purposes. I am being joked by my colleagues about my makeup kit being so big and complete that they call it MakeupKeith as identification.

The main mission of this blog is to provide information and to entertain at the same time. This will serve as your online guide to a fab and functional makeup kit.

What can you expect? Aside from makeup and skin care reviews, I also come up with segments about lifestyle, gadgets, books and my daily musings. I promise that this will all be worth your time.


Age Range: 24-27

Skin type: Combination; Acne-prone

Skin shade: medium with yellow undertones (NC40)

Skin concerns: blackheads/whiteheads, dark spots

Hair type: naturally wavy, thick, treated